36 Weeks

March 31, 2014 in Our Little Cub

DSC_0064This week…

Cub is the size of a… honeydew melon!  She had a doctor’s appointment and we saw her on an ultrasound for the first time in 17 weeks.  She’s huge!  And by huge I mean that my doctor said she looked like a healthy, regular sized baby, but Jake and I were totally in awe.  Her little heart was as big as her whole body used to be and her arms and legs were curled up tight.  It was pretty cool!  There’s a real baby in there and she can come out whenever she wants to!

My bump is… what it is.  It’s hugenormous and out there and always in the way, but I already know I’ll miss it dearly when it’s gone.  Carrying her around with me all day is the most awesome experience and she’ll only ever be this close to me once.  I’m having annoying, constant Braxton Hicks every few minutes all day long, but then she’ll just stick her little foot right out of the side of my belly like she needs to stretch out and it makes me laugh.  I only get a few more weeks of that, so I’m making them count.

Our favorite thing has been… wrapping up almost all of our big obligations and celebrating with a great overnight stay in San Francisco. We kept saying we were going to do a trip before the baby came, but our schedule was so crazy-full that we kept putting it off.  Luckily, my aunt and uncle came into town and insisted on treating us to a weekend in the city.  We stayed at a hotel downtown, ate at an incredible restaurant, cuddled in a bed with about twenty cloud-soft pillows, slept in, had room service for breakfast, shopped at all our favorite places and stopped about every half hour for drinks and appetizers.  It was JUST what we needed. They completely spoiled us and we are so grateful.  Since we’ve been back in town, we haven’t let the party stop.  We’ve had dates with friends and dinners with family.  It’s been so nice to celebrate and cut loose without a million things on the to do list.

unnamed IMG_7246

I have been feeling… like we’re finally there!  It feels like the peaceful end of a long journey (or just the beginning I guess).  We’ve finally made it to that point where all of our commitments are finished up and we have time together as a family to relax and take deep breaths and prepare for this baby emotionally.  We’re working on the last little bits of her room together and spending a lot of time talking about what it will be like to be parents and who she will look like and all the awesome things that we want to teach her.  We’re just waiting on her now and loving it.  In the beginning, we were just hoping to make it from one week to the next.  All we wanted was good news one day at a time.  So now, to know that we only have a few of weeks before we meet our daughter is the most calming, exciting, amazing feeling ever.

I have been craving… desserts.  And I’ve had some really good ones lately!  Banana Royales from Baskin Robbins, beignets and chocolate sauce, mousse-topped devils food cake with salted carmel ice cream, apple and berry tarts a la mode and chocolate lava cake.  Blame it on the Cub!

We are looking forward to… enjoying the last few weeks of waiting for our little girl.  We’re in no rush.


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