34 Weeks

March 16, 2014 in Our Little Cub

34weeksThis week…

Cub is the size of a… pineapple!  She is about eighteen inches long and weighs around five pounds.  We’re only six weeks away from her due date and her little body is already getting in gear for her big arrival by preparing her lungs for the outside world.  She’s running out of space now, so her movements have gone from sharp kicks and punches to rolls, stretches and wiggles.

My bump is… feeling a little bit beat up.  My belly feels pretty stretched and tender and always seems to be in the way.  I’m definitely a bigger, slower moving version of me, so I’m trying to give myself a break and take it easy for the last few weeks of this crazy journey.

Our favorite thing has been… the INSANE amount of exciting things that have been going on around here!

Last week my best friend Megan threw me a gorgeous Kate Spade inspired shower at Bella Mia Downtown.  The details were absolutely incredible and some of my favorite ladies in the whole wide world showed up to celebrate, including my mom, grandma, sister and mother in law.  I loved the big balloons, headband bar and delicious food.  Cub was completely showered with the cutest, most girlie gifts you can imagine.









While we were having our girl-fest, a friend and I arranged a surprise guy’s day (or “man shower” as they called it) for Jake and some of his most awesome friends.  They showed up at our door step that morning and took him on a day trip down to Firestone Walker in Paso Robles.  They spent the day “sampling” craft beers, eating good food and catching up.  All of the guys had a great trip and it meant so much to Jake to get to celebrate with them.


Later that week I celebrated my twenty-sixth birthday with lunches and dinners with family and friends and a trip to Cream for ice cream cookie sandwiches!  Yum!  Jake’s gift to me was a prenatal massage at Burke Williams which I am saving to use in a few weeks when the schedule slows down a little bit.

This week we were treated to our third and final shower, a delicious brunch at Abby’s Kitchen in Brentwood.  My mother in law and sister in law did an incredible job with a sweet pink and leopard themed soiree.  The food and decor were amazing and my MIL gave a beautiful devotional to me about becoming a mother that made me tear up in front of everyone.  Cub got some more great gifts to finish off her growing collection of completely adorable belongings.








After all that showering, we received her pack and play, stroller, glider, crib, and nearly all of the smaller necessities we need to bring her home.  Yesterday, we went out and bought her car seat.  It’s finally starting to feel like we are prepared to have a real baby in the house, which is good because she’ll be here before we know it!  Her room is really coming together and we can’t wait to share photos soon.

I have been feeling… ready for a change of pace!  Like I mentioned before, things are wrapping up with our busy schedule within the next couple of weeks and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It will feel great to have a few more things off my plate.  I’m focused on everything that has to be done, but I’m starting to put more of a priority on slowing down, enjoying the time we have left and preparing myself emotionally for the big event ahead.  Relaxation is a huge part of what we have been practicing in our birth classes the past few months and I’m excited to use that training to get my mind in the right place before this little girl decides to make her appearance.

I have been craving… sweets and pizza!  I know this baby takes after her dad, because those are his two favorite things, not mine!

We are looking forward to… things slowing down a little bit, making final preparations for Cub’s arrival and our last few weeks just the two (or four) of us.