28 Weeks

February 3, 2014 in Our Little Cub by Tobi

28 weeks

This week…

Cub is the size of an… eggplant!  She is around fourteen inches long and weighs about two and a half pounds.  Recently, her nervous, immune and respiratory systems have started to do all kinds of cool things to prepare her for being born, like practice breathing and emitting brain waves.  Twenty eight weeks is the beginning of the third trimester and a milestone in pregnancy because it’s around the time babies reach viability.  This means that if Cub were born now, she would be really premature and have a long fight ahead of her, but she would also have a great chance at surviving… over 90%!  Some people might not think that’s too impressive, but to me and lots of other pregnant women, it’s a little celebration.  Of course, we aren’t hoping for her to be born anytime soon.  She’s got about twelve more weeks to bake and she can take all the time she needs.

My bump is… still growing!  There is a lot of baby in there and she is only going to get bigger.  Sometimes it feels like it’s going to explode!  There isn’t a lot of room left for, you know… my stomach, lungs or bladder, but I just try to stay comfortable and remember that I only get about three more months of carrying her around so I have to cherish it.

Our favorite thing has been… getting closer and closer to her arrival every week.  We know the next 12 weeks will fly by.  We’ve had so many lovely conversations about what it will be like to meet her, but it still doesn’t feel even close to real!

We’re working hard to prepare for labor and delivery with our weekly birth classes, eating right, staying in shape and doing relaxation exercises every night.  I especially like those because usually Jake gives me a massage… score!

Cub’s check ups are once a month now.  She had one this week and everything looked great.  Her heart sounded healthy and things are measuring just right.  She is constantly moving around, especially when it is quiet and still.  When things are loud and I’m moving around a lot, she prefers taking a snooze over joining in.

I have been feeling… just fine.  I had a cold this week and I was a little bit miserable, but now that I’m feeling better it’s easier to handle the other uncomfortable things (see lack of room for organs, above).  I’m embracing my awkwardness, so now I just roll off of beds and couches and allow whatever huffs and puffs to escape my lips as I pick things up or tie my shoes.  I’m realizing there aren’t extra points for grace in this situation and that’s ok.

I have been craving… Subway sandwiches and fried eggs on toast.  I need to be fed regularly or I become a very rotund swamp monster with a tendency to cry over anything at all.  It’s ok if I don’t have a reason… I’ll just make one up.

We are looking forward to… our first shower this month with friends and family in Southern California.  This will be our last trip down before Cub arrives.  We’re also excited about taking some maternity photos this week to commemorate this crazy awesome journey.

28 weeks2

We’re finally getting a little bit of much needed rain here in California. Praying that it really gets going!