Avery’s Nursery

May 17, 2014 in Our Little Cub by Tobi

Creating a nursery can be a therapeutic process.  For expectant parents, painting, assembling furniture and applying the finishing touches are physical tasks that can represent the abstract… joy, anxiety, and expectation.  Creating a nursery is one way to start embracing the fact that your life is about to change forever.

I normally jump right in to decorating projects without a second thought, but I waited for quite a while before I started Avery’s nursery.  We had wanted a baby for so long and the beginning of the pregnancy was rocky.  It took time before I was ready to conquer my fears and create a physical representation of our dream of becoming parents.

This room was such a labor of love.  We spent so many hours painting, applying vinyl decals, assembling furniture, organizing gifts, picking art, hanging shelves and most importantly talking about our daughter.  About what she would be like and look like.  About things we wanted to do with her and teach her some day.  About how much we already loved her.

Now she’s here and we hope her room is fitting.  Here’s a peak at her space!