by Tobi

14 Weeks

October 27, 2013 in Our Little Cub by Tobi


This week…

Cub is the size of a… lemon!  Cub is about three and a half inches long and weighs about one and a half ounces.

My bump is… getting there.  I can feel my lower belly starting to press out, but I think the real deal is going to take a few more weeks.

Our favorite thing has been…  getting great news at a my last visit that I’m allowed to go back to normal activity and the gym!  It’s just another sign that Cub is doing great!

I have been feeling… like my energy is finally coming back!  While I’ve still been a little sick or tired at times, I’m finally starting to have more good days then bad.  Such a blessing!

I have been craving… anything.  I’m all about food.  I don’t know how else to say that I’m sometimes unexpectedly, ravenously hungry and need to eat RIGHT away or I don’t feel well.  My favorites right now are Babybel Cheeses, Steak with Bleu Cheese and Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

We are looking forward to… celebrating Halloween and Homecoming this week with our friends!  We’re also starting the countdown to next month when we find out if Cub is a girl or boy!


by Tobi

12 Weeks

October 14, 2013 in Our Little Cub by Tobi

Feeling so blessed to be carrying this little cub and leaving the first trimester behind!


This week…

Cub is the size of a… plum.  About two inches long and weighs about half an ounce!

My bump is… not really there yet.  I’m just getting thicker around the middle… oh joy.

Our favorite thing has been… seeing Cub wiggle and dance around at our ultrasounds!  We get such a kick out of seeing how much Cub has grown each week!

I have been feeling… pretty tired and sick for the past eight weeks, but it’s slowly getting better!  We feel so blessed that none of the complications I’ve had have affected Cub and that we are far enough along now to share with all of our friends and family.

I have been craving… anything I don’t have an aversion to.  I’m really enjoying bagels & creme cheese, navel oranges, and Trader Joe’s Diner Style Mac & Cheese.

We are looking forward to… the second trimester, Halloween and starting to feel Cub kick around in there!


by Tobi

Our Big Announcement

October 14, 2013 in Our Little Cub by Tobi

Cub FB Annoucement

Jake and I are so excited to share with everyone that we are expecting our first baby in April!  We couldn’t be more thrilled!  We’ve been a little quiet lately as we battled out a challenging first trimester.  Due to some early complications, this pregnancy is considered high risk and I was asked to change up my daily life and cancel a lot of our plans over the past few months to take it easy.  Of course, taking it easy goes against my nature, but we will do anything for our little cub and so far they are healthy and strong.  We’re thankful for the prayers and thoughts that our friends and family have already offered and we’re always grateful for more.

This is an especially joyous time for us because it marks the end of our two year battle with infertility.  Infertility was one of the hardest and most devastating things that we have been through together and sometimes we just felt completely broken.  But God’s plan is perfect and it is always for good, even when it hurts. We know that some of our friends out there are struggling like we were.  So many people are desperately waiting on an answer, whether about growing their family, finding their soulmate or career, or just trying to make it through the day.  Wherever you are, know that God is in the struggle with you and so are we.  We are so excited to share this perfect little one with everyone we love!

We’ll be sharing this journey here with biweekly updates and a page all about our little cub with more details.